It's that time again, custom ROM fans. The oh-so-versatile Android Open Kang Project has released its fourth 4.2 build, this time updated to the latest 4.2.2 AOSP code. While feature additions beyond the ones added by Google themselves are few and far between, the list of supported devices for AOKP 4.2 has greatly expanded. Most of the phones in question come from Verizon's Motorola stable.

Screenshot_2013-02-24-19-42-55 Screenshot_2013-02-24-19-43-36

The full list of added phones includes the Motorola DROID 3, DROID 4, DROID Bionic, DROID RAZR (and by extension, the DROID RAZR MAXX),the international GSM Motorola RAZR (XT910), the HTC One XL, and Sprint's version of the Galaxy Nexus. The Verizon and GSM versions of the Galaxy Nexus were already supported. According to previous posts from the AOKP developer team, devices are added only if their members actually own them, which goes a long way towards explaining the lamentable absence of the international Galaxy S III.

At the time of writing only the Nexus 4, Nexus 7 WiFi, and the Verizon and GSM versions of the Galaxy Nexus builds are hot off the servers over at AOKP. Check back on their latest post to see the updated builds for tonight and all previous 4.2 devices. The development team recommends a full wipe, even for users of the last version, and you'll need to download and flash Gapps as usual. Oh, and if the codenames are giving you trouble, refer to this list from the fine folks at CyanogenMod.

AOKP - Jelly Bean JB-MR1 Build 4