Bringing to market a simplistic, clean take on the puzzler genre, Appxplore released Sporos today. The concept behind Sporos is simple: place sporos (which, by the way, is some sort of "special seed") on the board, watch the adjacent rows or columns light up, and repeat until every cell on the board is illuminated.

Seems easy, right? It would be, except that the levels get progressively harder, with more complex cell patterns, and you've only got a certain number of sporos to work with, each able to light up a certain set of directions.

To keep you from getting too frustrated, the game has calming electronic music, which pairs nicely with its neon, pseudo-biological graphics. Just in case you do get too frustrated, the game offers "hints for purchase," ($0.99 for one ten-hint pack).

The free version of the game should keep you busy for a while, challenging you with three hundred levels. Those that choose to unlock the premium version will be treated to two hundred additional levels with "mutated sporos." If you choose to buy the premium version for $0.99 (officially called "experimental labs," you'll also get an ad-free experience, which is always nice.

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If you're looking for a relaxing, well-executed puzzle experience, try Sporos. As mentioned earlier, you get three hundred levels for the low price of $0.00, with two hundred more costing just $0.99. Hit the widget below to start conducting your own sporos experiments "like scientists in a lab."

Developer: Appxplore (iCandy)
Price: Free+