We don't often cover Kickstarter campaigns – after all, the platform is flooded with entries that may not be worth mentioning, or are dead on arrival. Sometimes, though, a gadget comes through that exceeds expectations, and the myIDkey is one of those.

myIDkey is a voice-activated secure USB drive that manages your passwords. Across all devices. Oh, and it has a fingerprint scanner. The project has absolutely demolished its $150,000 funding goal, reaching (at the time of writing) $164,126 with twenty seven days left to go.

The handy USB device looks to give you a "key to all your devices," connecting directly through USB to your PC or via Bluetooth to your mobile device(s). Once you've swiped your finger across the fingerprint reader, you can search by voice for account information, which will be displayed on the key's tiny display. If you're connected via USB, information will autofill for stored sites.

If a simple finger swipe isn't secure enough, you can program custom finger swipe/tap patterns for added protection. For actual data storage, myIDkey uses AES256 encryption, which the project's description pegs as "military grade."

If you're still concerned about sensitive data falling into the wrong hands, note that the key can "self destruct" if stolen, erasing all data after a set number of failed access attempts. Your information can be synced to the cloud and restored later, should you recover the device.

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If you've been looking for a universal tool to keep your sensitive information both safe and portable, myIDkey is worth keeping an eye on. The project has undoubtedly lofty goals, but its substantial backing should help the device get into your hand with its impressive feature list intact.