Popular beta testing platform TestFlight has officially announced its arrival to Android in private beta form, in a post to the TestFlight blog. If you're wondering how popular TestFlight really is, the same post should provide some reference: the service has been trusted with smoothing the process of beta app deployment for over 300,000 iOS apps. Needless to say, its expansion to Android is big news.

Of course, Android already has HockeyApp.net, and the Play Store offers private app deployment, TestFlight provides the ingredients for an impressively sleek beta testing process with secure deployment, tracking, and – perhaps best of all – centralized feedback.

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Right now, the service's Android arm is running under a closed beta, so developers that are raring to go will have to wait just a little while longer. That said, TestFlight assures readers that the team is "working hard" to give developers who've signed up for the beta access "as soon as possible." The blog also promises that TestFlight will make an appearance on the Play Store as soon as the beta concludes.

For more information, check out the original post or head to the beta signup page, linked below.

Source: TestFlight Blog, Signup page