If you watch a lot of CNN and love your Android phone, you can now combine the two. But Cam, how can we do that? you may be asking. By updating to the latest version of the official CNN app, of course – it lets you watch CNN live on your smartphone! Neat. I wish every network ever would do this. Or at least AMC, because I can't miss The Walking Dead.

Screenshot_2013-02-20-10-03-35 Screenshot_2013-02-20-10-04-13

But I digress. Live TV on your smartphone is definitely a good thing, but that's not all this update packs. It also features "the iconic James Earl Jones 'This is CNN' welcome greeting." I know that's exciting for some of you, but for everyone else, there's an option to disable the sounder in settings. Thank God for that.

Unfortunately, this update only applies to the smartphone version of the app. The tablet version – which has been untouched for the last three months – is unloved, crying in a corner somewhere. That's sad.


The app is free, so if you want to watch some live TV on your phone, hit the widget below.

CNN Breaking US & World News
CNN Breaking US & World News
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