HBO has been completely uncompromising in its approach to locking up content in pay-for-TV. If you want to watch what are arguably the best TV series currently running, you need to pay your cable provider. The HBO GO and MAX GO apps have provided a little more choice for existing subscribers by streaming to tablets and phones, but the new 2.0 update finally unlocks HDMI video output.

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Before this update, the ability to output video over HDMI was blocked for both these apps, so this is kind of a big deal. Anyone with an HBO/Cinemax subscription already has at least one TV with access to on-demand content, but this app update lets you take that programming with you to any big screen – be that elsewhere in your house, on vacation, or whatever. Of course, that does nothing for the innate inconvenience of controlling playback on a TV from your wired-in Android device.

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HBO just recently unlocked AirPlay streaming over on Apple's platform; maybe this is a sign HBO is opening up a bit. Support for Comcast/Xfinity subscriptions was also added back in 2012. So if you have HBO or Cinemax, it's more that likely you can find a use for these apps now.

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