Any.DO – one of the best looking task managers on Android – just got an update that makes the app even more useful. For starters, it now has DashClock support; if you're not already using DashClock Widget, then you're missing out on the single best widget of all time. Really, it's pretty amazing. But that's a different story.

Screenshot_2013-02-20-13-51-27 Screenshot_2013-02-20-13-51-43 Screenshot_2013-02-20-13-52-23

Aside from that, is a new feature called Any.DO Moment, which is essentially an elegant daily reminder to plan your day. Because everyone knows: plan your work, and work your plan. That's one of those quasi-motivational things that they tell you at work, right? Anyway, Moment is a neat feature, especially if you forget to put tasks into your task planner that is meant to help you not forget to do things.

Screenshot_2013-02-20-13-51-51 Screenshot_2013-02-20-13-52-05

Past that, reminders now have a new look, there are two new languages (Polish and Portuguese), and the update also includes several bug fixes. All in all, this one's a winner. Head below to grab it.