Little T-Mobile already has a reputation for being the carrier for budget-conscious consumers, but it's taking things even further with the new GoSmart service. The plans are cheap, and there are no annual contracts to worry about. Service starts at $30 per month and customers get access to the full T-Mobile network. It sounds like a solid deal if you can get past the contrived marketing lingo that would insult the intelligence of a third-grader.


Like other pre-paid brands, you can plug in a compatible phone that you already own, or buy one from GoSmart. There is a $49 Alcatel dumbphone, and a $99 ZTE device running an ancient version of Android. Neither of these are very good options. If all you need is a SIM card, however, the activation kit is just $8.

As for the plans, GoSmart's angle is that it's "time for FreeDUM in wireless." No "DUM caps" and no "DUM overages." Ugh... it's not that I disagree with the sentiment, it's just that I die a little inside reading that. Is that how the kids spell these days? Setting aside the slogan that I hope someone is fired over, there are three tiers for the GoSmart plans. That $30 deal is only for unlimited calls and texts. Bump it up to $35, and you can get unlimited calls, texts, and 2G data. Big spenders willing to shell out $45 each month will get unlimited talk, text, and sort-of-unlimited 3G data. That $45 plan, while listed as unlimited, is actually capped if you check out the GoSmart site. It comes with 5GB of 3G data, which is then throttled down to 2G. It also sounds like T-Mobile is drawing a distinction between its "4G" HSPA+ service, and the speeds offered by GoSmart.

GoSmart might be just the solution for a subset of users, but it's definitely positioned down-market from T-Mobile's regular pre-paid service. Those plans start at $50 for 100MB of 4G data. Check out the GoSmart site if you want to price it out. Full PR below:

GoSmart Mobile Launches Nationwide No-Contract Wireless Service

for Budget-Conscious Consumers

Unlimited Plans Starting at $30 per month – Without “DUM” Hidden Fees or Annual Contracts

BELLEVUE, Wash. — Feb. 19, 2013 – It is time for FreeDUM in wireless.

GoSmart Mobile today announced the nationwide launch of its no annual contract wireless service for budget-conscious consumers, ending the era of DUM™ hidden fees, roaming charges and overly complicated annual contracts. GoSmart, a new brand from T-Mobile USA, offers affordable, no annual contract plans on a reliable nationwide network starting at just $30 per month.

With GoSmart, wireless customers get what they need – great savings and flexibility without the hassle. For example, customers have the choice of purchasing an inexpensive SIM kit to use in their own compatible mobile phone or they can buy a low-priced GoSmart phone. In addition, all GoSmart services are offered without limits. No DUM caps. No DUM overages. Just a very affordable service for calling, texting and Web surfing.

GoSmart is available online at and at thousands of dealer stores across the nation.

“You don’t need food bigger than your face, and you don’t need mobile phone plans that charge you more than you can afford for services you don’t want or need,” said Doug Chartier, senior vice president of marketing for GoSmart. “GoSmart is one of the simplest, most budget-friendly options in wireless, with unlimited plans on a reliable nationwide network starting at $30 per month.”

GoSmart’s launch comes as the no annual contract market continues to grow at a steady pace, fueled by cost-conscious consumers looking to reduce what they spend each year for wireless  service. The number of no annual contract customers in the United States is expected to reach 80 million by the end of 2013 and grow an average of 7.4 percent per year until 2016, according to a report from market research firm IDC.[i]

"The influx of data services, coupled with the traditional flexibility and value of no contract plans, has considerably increased consumer interest in the no annual contract wireless market" said John Weber, Associate Research Analyst at IDC. "Customers often look for unlimited service plans on a robust network, while simultaneously limiting monthly wireless expenses. GoSmart represents a viable option for consumers to consider."

Pricing and Availability

GoSmart offers three simple plans with no annual contract:

  • $30/mo. Unlimited Talk and Text
  • $35/mo. Unlimited Talk, Text, Web
  • $45/mo. Unlimited Talk, Text, High Speed Web (3G)ii

A GoSmart Mobile SIM kit, which can be used with any compatible GSM phone, costs $8. If customers want GoSmart branded devices, there are two options currently available for less than $100. 

In addition, GoSmart customers can add unlimited international texting to more than 200 countries for just $5 per month, unlimited international texting to more than 200 countries and unlimited landline calling to 50 countries for just $10 per month.

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