Ultima has been around forever. So it's only appropriate that the series' new mobile push incorporate the fact in its title... even if it is a bit on the nose. Ultima Forever: Quest For The Avatar is an upcoming top-down dungeon crawler set in the familiar Ultima universe, complete with online play and a massive amount of game time. According to a Polygon interview with the game's producer, getting to level 15 will take 200 hours, while getting to the end with everything will take closer to 400.

The game is based on the battle system of Ultima 4, with a more real-time action component. Players can join online sessions for co-op battles, but this is not a MMORPG - you'll be able to do as much questing as you want all by your lonesome. 3D graphics are in use for the characters and enemies while some gorgeous 2D graphics are put to use for the environments. 

EA seems bent on using the free-to-play model for mobile. While you'll be able to download and play the game as much as you want without spending one gold piece, you'll need to bust out your wallet for the best in-game items. Chests can only be unlocked with keys: the better the key, the better the loot. Bronze keys drop randomly and can be combined to make silver keys, while gold keys have to be bought with real money.

Ultima Forever is scheduled to hit iOS first, followed by an Android release later this year, according to an official update on the game's Facebook page.