Earlier today, we highlighted a couple of forthcoming OTA updates for Verizon's Droid Incredible 2 and Rezound. Looks like the company wasn't finished approving updates for the day, however, as it just pushed some info to its support docs about a new build set to hit the LG Spectrum.


While it's not a game changer, Spectrum owners can expect a few bug fixes and enhancements, including improved dialer performance, the ability to use the camera while on a call, a better keyboard, and an option to send all calls to voicemail. The power button will also turn the display on during a voice call after the update is installed.

That's not all, though – some bloatware is also getting the ax. The newly refreshed system will be void of Rhapsody, V Cast Apps, Verizon Video, V Cast App Installer, and the Blockbuster app. That's good news for users who haven't already rooted and gotten rid of the bloatware, anyway.

As always, there's no official word on when the update will begin rolling out, but it's usually within a week of the info hitting the support docs.