Last week, we took a look at the nominees for Ouya's 10-day developer competition, Create. Today, we have the winners! These game devs will receive some undisclosed amount of money (out of a pot of $45,000) and almost certainly end up on the launch version of the Ouya console. So, what are they? Well, let's break them down by category.

"Pop Your Eyes Out" Award: Pipnis

We covered this one in our roundup last week, though we're at a loss to explain how it didn't win the "Best Couch with Friends" Award. This is the game that requires two players to share a single controller. This won't just save some money for people who don't want to shell out an extra $50 on more hardware, but it's also one of the most novel multiplayer games we've seen. Why hasn't this been done before? (Cue links to it having been done before.)

"Most Immersive" Award: Whispering Willows

This title features a girl in a house trying to solve a mystery. The player can enter an astral projection mode that separates the spirit from the body, making it possible to move through walls or interact with objects that were previously inaccessible. The artwork looks great, even if the animation is still a little rough (which is to be expected). There's not much adrenaline in this game, but once it's finished, it looks like it will be very engaging.

"Four Bright Buttons And Two Joysticks" Award: Bombball

Admittedly, when I first watched the video for this, I spent the next 30 seconds in an intense Crossfire flashback. This two-player game may not share a single joystick, but it does go friggin' nuts. As near as I can tell, once my head stops spinning, the goal is to take the tiny gray sphere and fire it into your opponent's goal, while avoiding obstacles and getting shot at by lasers. It's like air hockey meets American Gladiators meets lasers.

"Best Couch With Friends" Award: 2D Cube Zombie Platformer

We have to assume the title is a work in progress, much like the game itself. If there's an entry on this list that needs some extra forgiveness in the visual effects department, it's probably this one, but the idea seems neat: you and a buddy defend an outpost from a zombie attack while supplies and ammo are dropped in by air support. It's like what Left 4 Dead would be if it were made in the 80s. And there were only two people. So I guess, Left 2 Dead. Or Left 2 Die if you don't suck at grammar. Maybe they can use that title if they don't mind the obvious Valve comparisons?

"Most Surprising" Award: Television

This one certainly deserves the award for "most surprising" if nothing else because how gameplay works is apparently a complete surprise. The description claims it's "part WarioWare, part Myst" which is a bold claim by any standards. Myst is legendary for its challenging puzzles, and WarioWare is an underrated Nintendo game designed to make a complete fool out of you and your friends before you even know what's happening. The trailer is largely atmosphere and little substance, but color us intrigued.

Best Game Created With The Unity Engine: Stikbold

In this one, four players play dodgeball and then things just get crazy. Things start exploding, the foundations of the earth crack and the ground falls away as the play field ascends. Then, is that a sperm whale? What's happening? Why is it here? What's its purpose in life? And now the playing field is a rocket and we're in space? Oh, no. Not again.

Grand Prize Winner: Strange Happenings On Murder Island

This game starts out looking like a Minecraft recreation of Lost. Then we're in the middle of the forest and our hero picks up a turkey, throws it at what appears to be a warthog, and the turkey explodes. Now we're in the desert and the guy is going all Rambo on a bunch of dudes. Oh, hey, and now a T-Rex is following our man, shooting lasers out of its mouth. Alright. You have me sold. If we can get this title on the Ouya, and more like it, this thing might have a chance.

Ouya is being a little less than clear about what winning means for placement on the console. On the congratulations page, the company says it hopes "to see all of these games brought to the OUYA in the coming months." Failing to get a prize doesn't bar a title from being included, but it's unclear if winning guarantees a spot. Either way, there's a lot of development being done and that's not only good for this device, it's good for Android, as many of these titles can probably be ported to phones and tablets with relative ease. One can only hope.

Source: Killscreendaily