There are plenty of ways to read books, blog posts, and essays on a mobile device. Although, nothing has quite the same feel as a new app called Tapestry. This app offers a cool reading experience for exclusive short stores written by professionals and random people around the internet. Just tap to advance, but there is no going back if you miss something.

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Tapestry is whimsical from the start when it makes the tapping mechanic clear by having you tap on specific locations around the screen, only to reveal that you can actually tap anywhere you want. The app lists a handful of quirky little tales that are updated regularly. You can download the ones you want, and then read without an internet connection.

As you advance through the stories, some pages will have a Twitter icon that will supposedly tweet the current page. I say supposedly because it is not currently working on my Nexus 7 (your mileage may vary). There is also a subtle progress bar at the top of the screen to let you know how far into the story you are. Most will only take a minute or two to read, though. It's free, so take a peek at Tapestry.