Back in the day, I used to use Samurize or RainMeter on my Windows machines to output the current system info on the desktop. That way, if something started acting funky, I would have an idea of where to start looking – if RAM was starting to get full, closing a couple of larger programs would usually fix the issue. If the CPU was peaking, then I could easily fire up the Task Manager and kill the culprit, proving that violence sometimes is the answer.

Joking aside, having system stats at a glance can be incredibly useful to those who like to obsess over those types of things. Now, you can displace that obsession to your mobile devices, thanks to a new live wallpaper called Device Info Live Wallpaper. Like the name suggests, it shows all your current device info on right on the homescreen.

Screenshot_2013-02-15-14-36-06 Screenshot_2013-02-15-14-36-17

The wallpaper displays all sorts of pertinent information regarding the current system status:

  • Date/Time(Digital clock)
  • CPU Usage(with history)
  • Battery remain/temperature/voltage
  • RAM Usage
  • Internal Memory Usage
  • External Memory Usage(SD-Card)
  • Tilt
  • Compass
  • Network connection state
  • Wi-fi setting information
  • CPU spec
  • Device basic information
  • Platform information

In the paid version of the app, you can also customize the background color, toggle 12/24 hour clock (or remove it altogether), and adjust the background brightness and animation speed. If you're not looking for the extended customization, though, the free version should meet your needs just fine. You can find both at the widgets below.

Device Info Live WallPaper
Device Info Live WallPaper
Developer: kurousa
Price: Free

Device Info Ex Live Wallpaper
Device Info Ex Live Wallpaper
Developer: kurousa
Price: $0.99