We'll do our best to stay away from spoilers for the newly-released Die Hard movie (Happy Valentine's Day!), but the companion endless-runner game Fox just released to the Play Store isn't doing us any favors on that front. The app—which is somewhat shadily referred to as simply "Die Hard", trading on the name of greater movies—takes inspiration from titles like Temple Run. Just, not enough inspiration. (Note: some screenshots are very slightly spoiler-y, so if you're still planning on seeing the movie and you're a purist, you might want to wait to hit up the source link.)

diehard1 diehard2 diehard3

One of the first things you'll notice about this game versus other endless runner titles is that it's in landscape mode. Yes, landscape. This may be the only entry in this genre to opt for this layout. As an added bonus (or perhaps distraction), you also need to kill bad guys as you go in what the description calls "non-stop first-person shooter action," employing a rather puzzling definition of "first-person". While it's not impossible to play, this app does require you to keep up with changing lanes, dodging obstacles, reloading, firing accurately and managing power-ups all without ever slowing down for even a moment. So, just like the McClanes, really.

To be frank, the entire thing feels a bit hokey. The gameplay is somewhat clumsy and, while you could probably get used to it with some time, it doesn't really draw you in. Which is the perfect metaphor for where the Die Hard series has gone. If you like to do the same things you've always done in slightly different ways, then you'll love this. And Fox gets money. And everyone's happy.

The game is free on the Play Store but you will encounter in-app purchases to upgrade weapons. Possibly even very early on.

The app was not found in the store. :-(