If you use your Android device to do work, then a good office suite is absolutely clutch. And when it comes to such a tool, you'd be hard pressed to find something better than OfficeSuite Pro. It hit version 7 today, which brings along with it several new features and enhancements, including an improved UI, sidebar navigation in the file browser, templates, and extended cloud support to include Microsoft SkyDrive, as well as folder support in Google Docs.

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Further, the newest iteration also brings many improvements to all the various editors:

Docs Editor:

  • Styles - apply MS Word styles or styles used in the document
  • Table design - the ability to fashion an inserted table as per our library of tailor-made designs
  • Formulas (display only)
  • Format painter - saves time by copying formats already applied to other text

Spreadsheet Editor:

  • Improved selection of parameters in functions

Slides Editor:

  • Animations
  • Comments

PDF Viewing:

  • A new PDF engine using library from Adobe, providing instant opening of large PDF files
  • Find/Find Next

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OfficeSuite Pro v7 will set you back $15 if you don't already have it, but there's also a trial version so you can give it a shot before shelling out the funds. It also goes on sale pretty regularly, so if $15 is just too rich for your taste, keep an eye out for that.

OfficeSuite Pro + PDF
OfficeSuite Pro + PDF
Developer: MobiSystems
Price: $19.99+

OfficeSuite Pro + PDF (Trial)
OfficeSuite Pro + PDF (Trial)
Developer: MobiSystems
Price: Free+