If you're a fan of classic puzzle adventure games like Myst, then a new entry to the Play Store called Forever Lost should pique your interests. Like many games in the genre, Forever Lost tosses you – a confused amnesiac – into a room riddled with clues, and coats everything in layers and layers of creepiness. Expect memory flashbacks, strange visions, and a whole lot more as you embark on the journey to get your mind back in its former order.

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To go along with its haunting environment, FL features an equally as eerie soundtrack, which really helps set the tone of the game. Since I absolutely love puzzle adventure games (especially ones with a creepy vibe), this was an instant buy for me. After playing it for just a few minutes, I'm already hooked. Can't wait to really dig into the story, but alas – it's work time. If you, however, aren't on the ol' time clock right now and need a good way to kill some time (or just love hidden object games), you can grab Forever Lost for $2.33.

Note: This is the "SD" version of the game; according to the Play Store listing, an HD version is also on the way.