One of the more annoying things about the Android app ecosystem is that there are loads of apps and games that are needlessly restricted to one device or another. If you care to get down and dirty, you can edit the build.prop file on rooted devices to make your device appear to be something other than what it is. Market Helper gets you the same results, but it doesn't touch the build-prop and it's easy to revert to your original profile. For obvious reasons, this app is not in Google Play. It is, however, just a sideload away.

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Market Helper is a very new app, and it only has a handful of profiles. However, you can already spoof your device to make it look to Google like a Galaxy S3, Kindle Fire HD, classic Amazon Kindle, or an HSPA+ Nexus 7. Just pick the device you want to emulate and grant root access to continue. To finish the setup, you'll have to go to the Play Store and refresh your devices page. The whole process takes a few seconds. The app also has an option to send the developer a copy of your native device info so he can use it to build more profiles into the app for others to use.

Once you're done being someone else, just reboot your phone or tablet with WiFi/cellular data enabled and everything should snap back into place. You can also use the Restore option, but it might still need a reboot. Market Helper is for rooted devices only (obviously) and it's totally free. As usual with these kind of apps, proceed at your own risk.

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