No one ever accused Facebook of being swift or thorough with its app updates, but they're at least usually very welcome when they arrive. Back in 2011, the social network introduced 'Timeline', the now-mandatory profile layout that gives you one giant photo at the top, with a secondary profile picture in the bottom-left corner. Up until recently, you couldn't change your cover photo on mobile. Now, in version 2.2, you can.

2013-02-14 17.44.40

If there are any other changes to this version, Facebook isn't letting on about it. Here's the entire changelog:

Change your cover photo right from your timeline.

Cool update, Facebook. Not to be ungrateful or anything, but it is cool if you do more to work on the mobile app then add one new feature every couple of months. The update is live on the Play Store right now. Grab it from the widget below.

Update: An eagle-eyed reader Nick Chan noticed another new feature in this update - the ability to swipe down and dismiss comment modals. Observe:

Screenshot_2013-02-14-15-56-54 Screenshot_2013-02-14-15-55-00 Screenshot_2013-02-14-15-55-19

Left: before today's update; middle, right: today's update - see the notch at the top of the box?

Developer: Facebook
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