There's little doubt that Pokémon is the very best at separating parents from money. Like no franchise ever was. Getting Nintendo to relinquish control of content, though, is a real test. It doesn't generally stream its show for free without good cause. Today, however, it's available across the land. The animated series can now be streamed to Android handsets far and wide.


pokemontv2 pokemontv3 pokemontv4

Admittedly Pokémon licensing is something I don't understand, but it's pretty powerful that this app has free episodes inside. It's not the complete series, but it's probably enough Pokémon for you and me.  I haven't seen the show since high school, but I knew a reunion was destiny. There are also movies, trailers and Pokémon specials to watch with your best friend. We live in a crazy world and nostalgia is something we must defend. It sucks that you can only watch a certain selection, but at least the show's heart is still true. More episodes will cycle in so don't start worrying, your courage will see you through.

While the franchise has grown to be a monstrosity and one could argue it's become a trite cash grab, it's possible this show still has something to teach me and to teach you.

Pokémon. Gotta watch 'em all.