It's hard for a Twitter client to make a name for itself with the market so saturated with competitors, but maybe Neatly has a shot. This Twitter client isn't just delivering your Tweets; it lets you sort, filter, and highlight tweets in your timeline so you see more relevant information. This app has arrived on basically every other platform (even Symbian and BlackBerry 10), but the developers have now offered up a beta Android version for you to try in advance of the actual release.

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Neatly claims to be a smarter Twitter client. It scans your timeline and can build you an interest-based experience rather than just showing you everything. It includes a few different filters so you can create multiple custom timelines as well. If you check out a profile, Neatly even estimates how much your interests overlap with this other person's. There are also various statistics about how each person uses Twitter. For example: link usage, spam tweets, and influence all feed into your "style."

This app is pretty explicitly a beta. Don't expect to be able to use Neatly as your full time Twitter client. There is no widget, no notifications, and the UI is a little awkward right now. Neatly is an interesting app, so check out the link below for the download. Just make sure you have "Unknown sources" checked in your device settings.

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