If you're currently dissatisfied with the selection of lockscreen widgets for Android 4.2 devices, a fantastic new entry from Android Engineer Roman Nurik just hit the Play Store. It's called DashClock Widget, and it's one of the cleanest, best-integrated widgets we've ever seen.

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DashClock Widget combines many of the most common widgets – Gmail unread count, weather, calendar, missed calls, text messages, and alarms – into one clean, sophisticated, customizable widget. The clock is the only thing that's static, so you can choose which "extensions" should be displayed. And if you want to remove one, you can swipe it away in the settings menu.

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While the clock may be the only static part of this widget, it's still customizable. There are five different variations to choose from, as well as three different looks for the date. Of course, they all blend in beautifully with stock Android, keeping it all very streamlined and unified.

DCW is also open source and there's an API, so developers can create their own extensions, making it even more powerful. If you're a developer, you can get the source and find out more about the APIs right here.

DashClock is completely free, and you can get it by hitting the widget below.

DashClock Widget
DashClock Widget