Yes, we know - the Nexus 4 is still thin on the ground basically everywhere. (Americans, both the 8GB and 16GB versions are currently shown as "ships in 2-3 weeks" on the Play Store.) Even so, the LG flagship is the logical showpiece for Google Now, and it's doing some fine service in Google's latest mobile search ad. This one shows off Now's ability to automatically bring up contextual information for your time or location. It seems that Google is also pretty sure that American tourists don't know what sea urchins look like.

This commercial makes a little more sense than previous Now spots, since it's displaying the app's ability to predict the topical information you want as soon as you perform that distinctive swiping function. While the Nexus family may have exclusive claim on Android 4.1 at the moment, a growing number of Jelly Bean upgrades has given 4.1 a surprising 13.6% share of the Android userbase. That means that at least some of the people watching this ad will actually be able to use the cool features it shows off.