Good news, basketball fans. Google has been gradually upgrading the Now service to include a wider range of sports teams, and today Division I NCAA basketball teams from all over the US can be manually added to your personal Now results. Go into the Google Now settings page, tap "Sports," and search for your favorite school. Only basketball is supported at the moment - here's hoping that football teams are added before the season starts.

Screenshot_2013-02-10-16-36-00 Screenshot_2013-02-10-16-36-55

Previously, a few NCAA teams were showing up in the Sports card dynamically, if you searched for them enough. Now you can make sure that you'll be alerted whenever your guys hit the boards. That's a very intentional use of "guys," by the way - women's teams are nowhere to be found. There's also a definite lack of smaller regional schools from the lower divisions. You won't be able to add Southwest Minnesota State University any time soon.

Thanks, Steven Koehl!