PushBullet, the dynamic, practical push notification app we included in our top five roundup yesterday got a nice update today. The update brings the app to version 8 and introduces a feature that makes it even more awesome – the ability to push to others' devices or have them push to your own.


You might be wondering why this is such an awesome feature. Well, today's post to the PushBullet blog explains that with a few examples: users can push each other the address to a new restaurant, a quick grocery list update, a cheerful image, or use sharing to "Rickroll your friends in a new and exciting way."

Sharing devices with other PushBullet users is easy – just head to your online dashboard at PushBullet.com and hit the "Share" button next to a device.


The meat of this functionality lives in PushBullet's online dashboard, but the app received some attention as well. Besides bug fixes, the app now supports Gingerbread and Honeycomb devices, and will give you a preview (in the notification tray) of any image being pushed to your device.

For more information on the update, check out the official PushBullet blog, linked below, and hit the widget to grab the update.

Update: After some quick testing, we've hit just a couple of bugs – it seems that the app's Chrome extension doesn't recognize shares just yet, and long list items can't be properly viewed before completion. Finally, when a friend pushes to your device, the notification appears to have come from your own account. Of course, we've reported all of these to the developer, and will hopefully be seeing another update soon.

Update 2: We've heard back from the developer with assurance that the above issues are being looked into and will hopefully be fixed in an upcoming weekly update.

Update 3: It looks like the notification name bug mentioned above has already been fixed, and we've heard from the dev that a Firefox extension will be coming "very soon."

Source: PushBullet Blog

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Pushbullet: SMS on PC and more
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