I'd by lying if I said I missed the days when blasting invading space craft with 8-bit energy beams cost a pocket full of quarters. The gameplay itself, however, remains a treasure of nostalgia. One that Syder Arcade HD is blatantly exploiting to get $1 from me and I will happily pay it. Why? Because blowing crap up is awesome.

The game is a top-down free-scroller, which means you actually have a level of control over your movement. You'll also get a number of weapons for killing aliens, shields to defend yourself, and multiple ships to choose from. Oh, and best of all? No in-app purchases!

syder1 syder2 syder3

The whole game costs $0.99 up front and that's it. No worries beyond that. In fact, the developers seem to go out of their way to ensure to ensure the experience is as much about the fun and as little about the cheap gimmicks to get you hooked as possible. No grinding, no upgrades, no mess. Oh, and there's this quote from the app's description:

"This game will bring you back in time, when bulky starships were cool and games were about swearing madly at your computer."

Now that's what I'm talking about. Grab the game via the widget below.

Syder Arcade HD
Syder Arcade HD
Developer: STUDIO EVIL
Price: $1.49