Facebook Pages Manager debuted quietly last month, with more widespread availability hitting after several days. Just over a month later, in its first major update (to version 1.1), the fan page management tool has gotten three new features: post promotion, post scheduling, and event creation.

The new features are essentially just what they sound like, and – for all intents and purposes – match their counterparts in Facebook's web interface. Post promotion allows page managers to increase their post's reach to users that may not ordinarily see them, post scheduling lets you compose posts ahead of time or on the go, and event creation…well…allows you to create events.

Screenshot_2013-02-07-18-27-57 Screenshot_2013-02-07-18-26-36 Screenshot_2013-02-07-18-25-31

If you run a Facebook page and already enjoy the convenience of the Pages Manager app, your life just got easier. If you haven't tried the app yet, there's never been a better time. Hit the widget below.