Twitter for Android received its first update in almost two months today, though it's a rather focused one: the 'search' experience has been substantially revamped. Now, instead of merely getting people and tweets results tabs, you get a mixed feed of results that can be refreshed by pulling down.

Screenshot_2013-02-06-11-59-45 Screenshot_2013-02-06-11-59-56 Screenshot_2013-02-06-12-00-23

The results, as far as I can tell, are organized in three ways: tweets, people, and top tweets. If there are any Top Tweets for a particular search term, you'll see those tweets on top of the general tweet results. Above those will be the people results. Pulling down from the top of the results page will give you the newest tweets matching your search, up to about the last 15 seconds.

There's also now a toggle to switch the Connect tab of your feed to mentions-only mode, as opposed to the old tab implementation. New followers, retweets, and favorited tweets will be hidden when this option is enabled. The menus have gotten a bit of facelift, too, and no longer look like something straight out of Gingerbread. And, of course, there are bug fixes. But the best part? You can finally tap on hyperlinks in your feed and go directly to the browser.

The new version of the app, v3.7, can be found on the Play Store now.

Developer: Twitter, Inc.
Price: Free+