After a several-month-long stint on the Amazon Appstore (and an even longer one on iOS), epic open world RPG Aralon: Sword and Shadow is finally on the Play Store. The title is by Crescent Moon Games, the team also responsible for the decidedly less hack-and-slashy Paper Monsters.

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Aralon promises 30 hours of story-infused action, with four character classes and three races to choose from. Visually, it looks like a mashup of Neverwinter Nights and The Elder Scrolls, which certainly adds to the appeal.

Reviews of the actual content and gameplay from buyers on the Amazon Appstore have generally been quite positive (its rating is heavily marred by technical issues, sadly). And at $5, it's not reaching Square Enix levels of investment, either. I'm actually rather tempted to go buy it myself. Head to the Play Store link below to get it now.

Aralon Sword and Shadow 3d RPG
Aralon Sword and Shadow 3d RPG