It's that time again! We get another glimpse at what the platform distribution numbers are like for Android. If you've been following along, you'll notice there aren't many changes: Gingerbread is still the biggest slice of the pie, Ice Cream Sandwich is second, and the two major versions of Jelly Bean together make up the third largest. 2.3 is down to 45.4% from 47.4% a month ago. That 2% difference seems to have gone overwhelmingly to Jelly Bean which went up to 13.6% from 10% a month ago.


The most curious shift, however, was Ice Cream Sandwich. While the change was minimal, the version dropped from 29.1% to a flat 29%. Keeping in mind that, since its release, ICS has been the baseline for modern phone OSes. Not as good as Jelly Bean, but the next-oldest version was a year older than that, and at least 4.0 brought a bunch of new APIs and compatibility.

What the slight drop means (if anything) is anyone's guess. It's conceivable that ICS had such slow uptake due to the major differences between it and GB, but now that the market has stabilized and Gingerbread phones are being left behind, handset manufacturers are seeing little problem with just bumping their new models to Jelly Bean, or upgrades are coming out faster.

Here's hoping this means the upgrade situation is getting better. Then again, with 8.1% of people still on Froyo, it seems inevitable that Android will always have this black mark on its record.

Source: Google