Months after the worldwide release, the Nexus 4 is still in short supply in nearly every market around the globe. If you're in Australia or Spain (and reading this on Tuesday) you might have a shot at grabbing the world's most elusive Android phone. The local editions of the Play Store are currently showing the Nexus 4 in stock in both 8GB and 16GB flavors.

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The last time that the Nexus 4 was available in both these countries, the supply dwindled almost immediately - according to commenters, Spanish supplies were depleted in an eye-popping ten minutes. If you're reading this in las horas de la madrugada in Europe or early arvo down under, you'd better hurry and get your order in as soon as possible. Before you ask, the Nexus 4 bumper is sold out in both stores. Let us know in the comments section if you managed to snag a phone for yourself.

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Google Play Store - Nexus 4 8GB

Google Play Store - Nexus 4 16GB