It's not often that we see a live wallpaper that's interesting enough to feature all on its own, but Tiny Phone People fits the bill. This elaborate wallpaper makes your phone a window into the tiny life of one diminutive denizen, as he or she makes their way around the house. The wallpaper gives you a cutaway view of their living place, not unlike a modified version of The Sims... or a certain Hitchcock classic. You might not even want to clutter up your viewing area with useless junk like apps and widgets.

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Tiny Phone People cycles through a real-time day and night rhythm, with the character in question puttering around with appropriate actions like sleeping and watching TV. You can choose your house among a handful of locations, all of which seem to be inexplicably floating in the sky. The graphics are a combination of polygons and pixels, with quite a lot happening inside and outside the house, so it might not be a good choice if you want to save battery life. For everyone else, it's a $1.29 purchase in the play store, and it's compatible with just about any Android device out there.

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Tiny Phone People
Tiny Phone People
Price: $1.37