If you're searching for a deal on flash storage, today may be the day to act: Amazon's Gold Box deal of the day for February 4th includes a sizeable selection of SanDisk cards and flash drives.


While the list includes full-sized SDXD, CF cards, and USB flash drives, of particular interest to the Android crowd will be the microSDXC cards, which are becoming absurdly cheap of late. For just $24, you can get a 32GB mSDXC card, or for $47, a 64GB card. Not bad at all. While it isn't the cheapest we've seen the 64GB version, it's close enough that it's definitely worth mentioning. Can you imagine telling someone 10 years ago that you would one day be able to buy 64GB of flash storage for $47 - on something the size of a fingernail? Me neither.

Amazon Gold Box