A few days ago, Samsung published their "El Plato Supreme" promo video in which Paul Rudd and Seth Rogen try to develop a pitch for Samsung's don't-call-it-the-Super-Bowl ad. Rounding out the story, a full two-minute video was uploaded earlier today which shows how the two ended up working together on the pitch, throwing in a few more self-aware marketing gags along the way.

In the deliciously meta ad, Rogen and Rudd bicker over who's "the next big thing" before finding out that they're working together not in the ad, but on the pitch. Their meeting with Saul Goodman (I mean Bob Odenkirk) covers topics from diapers to crowd-sourcing to space travel before LeBron James abruptly joins the meeting by way of a Galaxy tablet, suggesting he make a cameo in the ad on – you guessed it – a tablet. Here's the full video:


For reference, here's the first promo, posted January 31st:


To put the icing on the cake, the video's description encourages viewers to vote on Twitter, sharing their favorite moments using the hash tag #TheNextBigThing.

It sounds as though the two minute spot will – at least in part – be Samsung's Super Bowl ad, so keep an eye out while watching the San Francisco Fifty-Minus-Ones play the Baltimore Black Birds.