Our demographics adviser tells us that there might just be five people on earth who are both regular Android Police readers and Model S owners. But if a quick scan of the office is a valid measure of interest, there's at least a few of you who are excited by the prospect of an official Tesla app, even if a longing glance is as close as we'll ever get to driving one. For you lucky devils who have an all-electric sedan sitting in your four-car garage, take a quick stroll over to the Play Store to get your companion app on.

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The Tesla app has all the usual bells and whistles that you'd expect from a luxury car companion, including remote access to climate controls, power locks, and GPS location. Thanks to the EV's hypersensitive battery, you can also check your charge level without having to be near your car, and get a vague reading of your current electrical range. And if you really want to annoy the Beamer drivers at the office, you can control the horn and lights from anywhere. You can even open or close your Tesla's sunroof - a nice touch.

Tesla notes that the app is currently in beta, and might have a few user interface glitches left to sort out.  

Developer: Tesla, Inc.
Price: Free