Earlier this week, we got wind of a new OTA build JOP40G possibly hitting the Nexus 4 soon. I thought this update would finally be the elusive Android 4.2.2 that we've been hearing about, but it looks like that's not the case.

Yesterday, Google pushed some new open source code to AOSP (Android Open Source Project) marked with 2 new tags: android-4.2.1_r1.1 and android-4.2.1_r1.2. The build number corresponding to the 4.2.1_r1.2 release is - you guessed it - JOP40G (with mentions of JOP40F and JOP40E along the way too) - the same one we thought would be 4.2.2.


The dates you see here are commit dates, not dates the commits were made public (which was Feb 1st 2013)

What's New?

After weeding out the changes from the commit logs, it looks like all of them are very minor and mostly related to the Nexus 4. So no Bluetooth fixes just yet - those should, unsurprisingly, make it in 4.2.2.

Here are the aforementioned changes between 4.2.1's tags 4.2.1_r1 (JOP40D) and 4.2.1_r1.2 (JOP40G). I think this is everything (everything that has its source in the open anyway), but if you spot something I didn't, please drop a note below.

Update: Added a few more things related to mako (Nexus 4) that didn't come up at first (thanks, Tylar).

Source: AOSP (1) (2)