Believe it or don't, Fourquare has grown beyond hipster urbanites who desperately want to be the Mayor of the 6th Street Starbucks. More than a few businesses - independent or otherwise - are seeing the value in the location-based service. To that end, Foursquare has released its free business app on the Play Store, allowing local managers to update their business status for single or multiple locations.

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Within the Foursquare for Business app, you can keep tabs on recent check-ins, set specials for users, and look up in-depth statistics for your business's performance on Foursquare. You can also update your location's status and send it out to Facebook and Twitter. Like the primary Foursquare app, the business app conforms to Holo guidelines and includes notifications. It's nice to see an admittedly niche app done so well - good on ya, Foursquare.

The app was not found in the store. :-(