You're probably familiar with the Android vinyl figurines from Andrew Bell and Dead Zebra. They're nifty little collectibles that pay homage to the platform we all love. Some folks, however, take things more seriously. Rather than display the same collectables as everyone else, they employ their skills to modify and embellish the basic Android figures. One of these artists, Hitoshi Mitani, has been so kind as to post all of his amazing work online for us to see.



Mitani has dozens of projects listed, and you can click on any of them to get images and a brief description (be aware a number are actually from other artists). Some of the figurines are cleverly repainted bug droid shapes, but others are complete redesigns using the Android figure as a base. Mitani is also fond of integrating LEDs into his projects to make them just that much cooler.

Just take a little time to browse the collection – it's really impressive work. Mitani humbly calls customizing Android minis his "hobby," but I think he's better at this hobby than most people are at their jobs. Look, I may not know much about art, but I know what I like... and I like this.

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