Since the debut of the Nexus 4 last year, users have been craving official accessories. The Nexus line has never had great luck in seeing OEM accessories come to market, but the long-awaited release of the Nexus 7 dock brought a glimmer of hope.

It looks like Nexus owners have even more to be excited about today, though, as the Nexus 4's wireless orb charger is up for grabs from Pure Mobile. We saw a few stories floating around about the listing earlier today, but it appears the item has entered stock for pre-order in the last few hours. Units are expected to arrive in "2-4 weeks."


If you're a Nexus 4 owner looking to take advantage of the device's wireless charging capabilities with an official (not to mention aesthetically pleasing) accessory, hit the link below. If you're not a Nexus 4 owner, keep in mind the device has just returned to the Play Store.

Source: Pure Mobile