Blockbuster, the former golden child of movie rentals, is feeling left out lately. No one is paying attention to its online offerings, no doubt partially because it's been broken into a thousand pieces. However, today the company launched a new, central service for renting movies online with just one app for all devices: Blockbuster On Demand.


blockbusternow1 blockbusternow2

When we say "rent", we do mean that. There is no subscription option that we see yet, and every movie costs a few bucks to check out for a 24-hour period. This firmly pits it against the Play Store and Amazon Instant Video. Not so much Netflix. On the upside, the movies can stream in HD, though apparently this is a TV exclusive, as the image below demonstrates.


We'll be doing a more thorough hands on once we've had some time to play. In the meantime, is there room in the world for yet another way to rent movies online?

Source: Blockbuster

The app was not found in the store. :-(