This week, we saw a new kid among Android decompilers hit the street - JEB. JEB is a full featured, commercial dalvik decompiler aimed at security researchers and reverse engineers. Although many other decompilers exist, such as DED, Androguard, baksmalidex2jar, undx, etc and most of them are free and work quite well, JEB comes with features not seen in most free tools:

  • Easy to use UI
  • Direct dalvik to java decompilation
  • Easy on the eyes bytecode
  • Easy cross referencing of items
  • Easy renaming of items
  • Inspection

The downside is mainly the price, weighing in at a hefty $1000. Because of that, JEB unfortunately remains out of reach for the average hobbyist developer.

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Want to know more? Hop on over to JEB’s site, read their brochure (reproduced above), and request a demo.