A couple weeks ago, we got wind of a download that seemed to be the final version of Android 4.2.1 (GA02) for the Sprint Galaxy Nexus. Today, not only is that confirmed, but the OTA has begun for Nexus warriors on the Now Network. The update brings the newest flavor of Jelly Bean and all that entails, including Photospheres, Daydream, lockscreen widgets and more.


The release comes about two and a half months after the initial launch of Jelly Bean 4.2 (counting by the launch of the new Nexuses. It's about three months since the initial announcement). While not too bad when compared with updates for the rest of the phones in the world, it's still a stark reminder of just how long going through carriers and adapting to different radio versions takes.

As recompense for the delay, tweakers at least got one extra nice treat: Samsung has also released the newest kernel for the Sprint Galaxy Nexus today.

Source: Sprint, Samsung