Psst. There's a new Kairosoft game out. For some of you, that's all the urging you need to make tracks to the Google Play Store. For the rest of you, how about the fact that it's a free game in the seemingly popular "building manager" mold? Dream House Days puts you in control of a high-rise luxury apartment complex. Which might not sound as exciting as running a game studio or colonizing a planet, but Kairosoft tends to get a lot of fun out of even the most mundane premises.

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You're in charge of managing the complex's finance, developing and furnishing individual apartments, and attracting new and desirable tenants. The tenants themselves are basically the focus of the game: the end result of each action will be either happy or dissatisfied tenants. They live their own lives, Sim-style, and more often than not form happy little pixelated families after a few in-game months.

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The compulsive gameplay and SNES-grade graphics from all the previous Kairosoft games are intact, but as with Beastie Bay, they've taken the fremium approach. The game is free with ads... lots of ads. An in-app purchase of $3.99 will remove them permanently and unlock the horizontal view. There's also a pretty integrated social component, but you'll have to use friend codes to take advantage of it.

Dream House Days
Dream House Days
Price: Free+