If you're waiting your turn for a chance to buy the Nexus 4 off the Google Play Store in the UK, France, Spain, or Australia, then listen up. The elusive Nexus 4 stock should be replenished in the aforementioned countries come January 30th (January 31st for Australia).

According to our tipster who was spot-on this morning about the 9am U.S. launch (Germany and Canada are already live as well), "Temporarily Out Of Stock" will finally switch to "In Stock" at the following times:

There's no word on whether the bumper cases will go on sale, so be sure to check once the Nexus 4 is live.

Set your alarms, though just to be safe I have to warn you that while we trust the tipster, anything and everything can delay the sale, and we cannot be responsible for loss of sleep, job, girlfriend, or time spent on Reddit as a result.


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