If there was ever a contender for mobile game with the highest mullet to tact ratio, it's Gun Bros. The top-down shooter made a splash when it released on Android in 2011, sitting atop the Market charts for months. Now it's high time for the lads of F.R.A.G.G.E.D. to head back into battle, this time in a full 3D smorgasbord of Arnold-grade action. Glu Mobile has released an early trailer for the game, and while there's no date, it should be enough to thoroughly whet the appetites of the game's current fans.

There's plenty of information to be gleaned from the 75-second trailer: there are more and bigger characters, more and bigger guns, more and bigger enemies... in fact, the whole point of the game seems to be taking things to an even more ridiculous level than the first game. As it should be. It's a safe bet that Gun Bros 2 will include multiplayer from the get-go, and like pretty much everything Glu makes these days, it'll be loaded down with massive amounts of in-app purchases. Let's just hope they make the most of it with a Hulk Hogan costume.

Glu Mobile - Gun Bros 2 Coming Soon!