Ever since Google launched the web-based Play Store, it has been iterating rapidly to improve the experience. Now that there are more apps in the store than you can shake a phone at, you're more likely to run into one with a description written in a language other than your own. With that in mind, it's pretty cool that Google has chosen to quietly deploy Google Translate in the Play Store.


If you land on an app listing in another language, you might see the Translate bar right above the description. It will read, "Translate the description into [LANGUAGE] using Google Translate?" In this example [LANGUAGE] is replaced by whatever your default language happens to be. If you click the translation option, the bar then reads, "Translate the description back to [LANGUAGE]." Here, [LANGUAGE] is the original one the description was created in.

The Play Store app started doing this back in November, but this is the first time we've noticed the option showing up as part of the Play Store online. Chrome users are probably used to Google Translate bars popping up from time to time, but this change makes the store more usable for users of any browser. There are a few examples linked below so you can check out the feature. As an interesting side note, one of the apps we saw this working on is not foreign, but the description has a lot of stars that makes Translate think it's Chinese. Nice try, Google.

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