The Nexus flood gates seem to have opened today, with both Best Buy and Wirefly not only launching their respective Nexus 4 pages, but also actually having devices in stock. And now it looks to me like Google is preparing a fresh batch of the sought-after sold out devices, as all "Sold Out" product pages were switched to say "Temporarily Out of Stock" a few minutes ago.

Call me crazy, but I don't think this is simply a meaningless change in wording. According to LG, the Nexus 4 supply should be replenished to satisfy demand by sometime in mid-February, and with the fresh stock and behind-the-scenes go-ahead that some e-tailers obviously received, today definitely looks special. I may end up eating my words later, but I think we're about to see some of these change to "In Stock" soon:

wm_1-28-2013 5-14-24 PM

How soon? That's the question of the day month quarter. If you have any information regarding Play Store's stock, the anonymous tip line is open.

Update: Looks like I wasn't crazy after all.

Here are the devices in the U.S. affected by today's change:

What do you think? An innocent change or an indication of things to come in the near future?