There are a lot of Reddit users in the Android Police audience, and more than a few on the editorial team, so we like to highlight a quality Reddit browser when it comes along. And Reddit News certainly fits the bill: it's been one of the most consistently solid options for Android smartphones (and just lately, tablets) for some time. The latest update adds the oh-so-nice feature of sliding panels in the Holo interface, as well as support for multiple Reddit accounts at the same time.

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The intuitive nature of the various sliding UI mechanics incorporates a lot of the usability mechanics and visual flair of the Google+ app. But there are a lot more options and features, including inbox management, comment swiping to return to the root comment, HD options for picture viewing, and volume key scrolling for the comment view, among many, many others. There are even pony emotes, because someone, somewhere was really waiting for that. An older version of the app is shown below, for comparison.

Screenshot_2013-01-24-23-38-27 Screenshot_2013-01-24-23-37-40

The paid version is getting the update first, so those of you who are still rocking the free version may want to consider the paltry two bucks for an upgrade. For Redditors who frequent NSFW boards, take note that the Reddit red light district is now hidden by default, and can be re-enabled in the settings menu.

Hi all,

I'll be pushing the paid version in a few minutes. I'm just putting the full changelog here as it won't fit on the market page. Unfortunately the free version is still a day or two away but it's nice to reward the paid users a bit.

  • slide out menu - (not just a bezel swipe because bezel swipes are lame)
  • new improved design for posts
  • load more comments
  • multiple account support with fast switching from slide out menu
  • swipe comments to go back to posts list
  • new overflow context menus for posts and comments (share comment/post, copy comment text etc.)
  • mark messages as read and unread in your inbox
  • font size options
  • ability to post new private messages
  • sidebar that can be swiped away
  • youtube api support - survives rotation with hi-res thumbnails
  • added "HD" button to picture viewer to download a higher res version when available
  • double tap to zoom on picture preview plus "HD" button to download a higher res version if available
  • mapped volume keys to next and previous comment in comments view - enable in settings
  • added captcha when submitting posts or pm's if needed
  • profile sorting option (top, year etc.)
  • RN will now look in sub folders of Reddit emote folder and check that folder first before using its internal emotes
  • support for np Reddit domain
  • nsfw content is now hidden by default
  • internal pony emotes have been updated to latest
  • added new search sorting parameter - hour, day etc
  • added separate option to show total up/down votes in comments and posts. Disabled by default for posts.
  • Option to move bottom actionbar buttons to the slideout menu
  • removed flurry analytics from paid version.



Reddit - Changelog for next version

Relay for reddit (Pro)
Relay for reddit (Pro)
Developer: DBrady
Price: $3.99