GMD, or Good Mood Droid, has been known to make some incredible – if relatively niche – apps (remember GestureControl?). Today, the developer is back with GMD Speed Time – an aptly-named tool for root users that will bring in your digital corn harvest faster than you can say "cheating device."

The app is incredibly simple – it speeds up your device's system clock, allowing you to cut the waiting time in farming (or other time-dependent games) with speeds anywhere from 2x up to 1000x normal. When you're done, the app will automatically return your system clock to the correct time.

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Of course, this app is not without its caveats. For one thing, it will only work on rooted devices. Even then, compatibility isn't guaranteed. Some games won't work with the tool, or may end up with corrupted save data. Finally (horror of horrors), using GMD Speed Time may violate your game's EULA.

If all that doesn't deter you, and you lack either the time or patience to wait around for time-dependent games, hit the widget below to grab the app.

The app was not found in the store. :-(