It would be great if Valve would make games for Android, right? Oh, what's this? It looks like Team Fortress 2, and sounds like Team Fortress 2, but it is not Team Fortress 2. What you're seeing here is Blitz Brigade, the new upcoming game from Gameloft. Yes, it appears the developer has finally gotten around to imitating Valve's smash hit first-person shooter. Let's not be too cynical, though. The trailer looks pretty neat.

Team Fortress 2 has a distinctive cell-shaded animation style, and Blitz Brigade looks to be going in the same direction. This is a multiplayer shooter with a five character classes to choose from. The trailer shows off a lot of wacky vehicles and weapons, but as far as I can tell, no actual first-person gameplay. Blitz Brigade also seems to borrow a bit from the lesser-known Battlefield Heroes, but I think it's safe to say TF2 is the main target.

The real Team Fortress 2 is famous for its in-game economy of micro-purchases and much-coveted hats. Having played a fair number of Gameloft titles, I can see why it would decide to clone this title. I'd be prepared for lots of in-app purchases when this game launches at some indeterminate date in the near future.