Remember when developers got their pre-release Ouya kits and started showing them off? In those videos, the controllers looked kinda crummy. Thankfully, the company said those were absolutely not indicative of the final design that will go out to consumers. Turns out, they really weren't! The company has detailed some changes and they sound pretty good.

For starters, the D-pad design has changed from a disconnected disc to the typical cross style that we've all gotten used to since the NES. The control sticks are more grippy as well. Also, the universally panned trigger buttons have been improved to have better mechanics and be more flush with the controller.


The company didn't just stop there. The touchpad is being made more responsive, the battery bay more snug, and the engineers even hooked the whole thing up to a fancy oscilloscope just to prove how committed they are to ensuring this thing is as fast as possible.


Hit the source link for the full skinny on all the adjustments being made. So far this console is shaping up to be really nice. All we need is a critical mass of developer attention.

Source: OUYA